That SEO Company Team

THAT! SEO Company Team:


We thought it would be nice if you got to know our team members a little bit. These are the guys who will be raising you through the ranks and increasing your profitability. Think of them in the spirit of the long-running TV reality show, “Survivor”:  it is their job to outwit, outplay, and outlast the algorithms of the search engines. They are good at it, too – very good. We think our team would win the Annual SEO Super Bowl, if there was such a thing.


That may sound a bit cocky, but is not that just the kind of team you want behind your SEO? So, without further ado, please meet our SEO team:


Ken Knorr – SEO Dude Emeritus While Ken is our CEO, he still participates in client work, at times. He believes this is necessary to keep your SEO game as sharp as it can be. He doesn’t believe in ruling from an ivory SEO tower. When Google unleashes major changes, Ken oversees the effort to quickly keep our clients and their rankings on track. If you ever talk to Ken, ask him about how Janet Jackson helped propel him into SEO history.


Brian Rider – Director of the Best SEO Department in all the Land Brian has been a part of THAT! Company since we opened our doors. His history in digital technology is long and storied, like his pontytail. Brian maintains his own book of clients, as well as managing the cast and characters in our SEO Department. Brian is a master at interpreting data quickly and he eats algorithms for breakfast. He also like to eat at Bojangle’s.


Mark Gray – The One Who Will Stay All Night Mark has also been with THAT! Company since our beginning, and the recipient of our company’s “Mr. Congeniality” award. He is also the guy that will work nights and weekends to get things done for his clients. Mark is relentless when it comes to client service. On second thought, maybe we should stop giving him such a hard time around here. 


Cameron Verkaik – The One Who Wears Many Hats Cam is a great guy who wears many hats as part of our SEO company team, including managing special projects,  blogging, serving as account manager for clients, and dropping everything when something has to happen RIGHT NOW. Luckily, his even-keeled personality makes him a perfect fit for his many responsibilities. Cam has also worked as a PPC Manager, and is the most cross-trained team member in SEO.


Jeff Harrison – The Link Master Sure, we tease him about being from Oklahoma (who knew Oklahoma could produce a Link Master?), but Jeff is serious when it comes to creating effective linking strategies. He has worked on many of our Fortune 1000 SEO client projects, and he is one of our go-to guys when it comes to solving a particularly complex problem.


Virginia Allsbrook – The One Who Keeps Projects On Track Virginia is our Project Manager. From reports deliveries to copy writing, Virginia is the one that keeps the department flowing smoothly. Part fashionista, part den mother, our clients benefit from her organizational skills and tough love.


Doyle Clemence – The Little SEO Brother Doyle is the baby brother of the SEO team. He provides assistance to all the other team members on their client projects and oversees blogging for us. He may be our youngest member, but he’s also been around a couple of years now so we can’t push him around anymore – but he’s still our little brother.