About That SEO Company

About THAT! SEO Company


Check our rankings. Check our client results. Check our references.


THAT! SEO Company is a division of THAT! Company Internet Marketing & Advertising Agency. We launched in 2007 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of our Founder and CEO, Ken Knorr. Ken and the initial “founding fathers” of THAT! Company remain dedicated to offering the most kick-butt Internet marketing services in the industry.


We achieved Inc. 500 status by practicing for ourselves what we preach for our clients: awesome Internet marketing. Here are some of our honors that demonstrate our commitment to being the best: Florida Governor’s Entrepreneur Company of the Year, Major Market; Edward Lowe Foundation Florida Company to Watch; Gold Addy Awards winner for our creative work; FPRA Image Awards winner for our work in public relations; National Communitas winner for commitment to non-profits. All of our employees are certified or accredited in their various disciplines.


THAT! Company is home to several other brands you may have heard of, including: PPCManagement.com, THAT! Advertising Agency, THAT! Social Media Marketing, CallTrax Plus and MailTrax Plus. As you can see, when it comes to marketing, yeah, we do THAT!

The Director of THAT! SEO Company is Brian Rider, a guy who likes math (a lot) and analogies. He uses these analogies to explain SEO to our clients. Ask Brian about the “styrofoam cup” and the “island of backlinks”.


Our SEO team is the best in the industry. We are not typically a company who goes for wild claims, but we feel confident in this proclamation. Many of our SEO team members are veterans who served our country well, and each “guy on the SEO team” eats and breathes SEO. On the front door to their office, they have a poster of a gladiator screaming, “This is SEO!”. (photo of poster?)


We talk to our clients every week. We talk to each other about our clients. We solve our client’s pain points. We get them ranked. We help them grow. This is what we do.


We practice ethical, holistic SEO. We work with clients of all sizes. We know THAT! Company SEO works, and we’ve seen the results for ourselves and, more importantly, for our clients … in a downturn economy.