SEO Services

Our That! SEO Company SEO Services:


Our SEO Services are comprehensive in scope and ethical in practice. We aren’t the most expensive and we aren’t the cheapest. But the way we perform our masterful SEO services is proven and it works. We don’t wow you with free reports or practice “a la carte” SEO, so let’s cut to the chase about what we actually do for our SEO services.


We are holistic in our approach to SEO services. Each of our clients can expect the following during our engagement:


First step: Initial Analysis Reports


THAT! SEO Company is committed to RPIE (research, planning, implementation and evaluation.) We don’t just “jump into SEO services” without thoroughly analyzing your business model, keywords, competitive vertical and your website.


Our Initial Analysis Reports are designed to show you what you need to know about SEO for your business, rather than throwing a bunch of gobbledegook at you to close a sale. If we think the return on investment from SEO services is not there for your business, we will tell you.


This research forms the basis for your company’s customized Strategic Internet Marketing Plan. This is our first step and this is how we operate our SEO services: thoughtful, strategic research and planning before we launch SEO.


Second step: Launch SEO services!


Sit down and buckle up! It’s time to launch SEO. And there is a lot involved in holistic SEO services. THAT! SEO company will:


1) Meet with you every week. 2) Send your weekly measurement and accountability reports. 3) Handle on-page optimization 4) Off-page optimization 5) Optimized content generation 6) Internal linking structure 7) Develop backlinks loved by Google 8) Consult with you on conversion processes 9) Provide blogging 10) Develop quarterly strategic Internet marketing plans specific to your goals; 11) Get your company ranked on your most valuable keywords. 12) Make you look smart in front of your boss. If you are the boss, we will prove how smart you are.  13) Educate you and any members of your team along the way. 14) Listen and value your business.


Our SEO services are ethical, responsible and meet the Google Webmaster Guidelines. We offer custom agreements designed to meet your comfort level, including short-term and long-term. The word commitment may scare some prospective clients, but SEO is the “marathon” of Internet marketing, and we will recommend a plan that is absolutely best for your business. If we think short-term SEO services will get the job done we’ll tell you. If we believe it will take longer, we will explain why based upon data.


Whether you are an enterprise level client, or running your own show, contact us today to learn more  about our SEO Services.