You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks – Really?

I have lived by this mantra my whole life, or so I thought. This past week’s experience with a new hire in the SEO department caused me to look back at what I have learned during my course of my adult life.

During this past week, our new hire, has brought new ways to look at things in our SEO world. He has brought exposure to our department consisting of programming items that we need but overlook in our busy day to day tasks of staying on top of the ever changing world of SEO and the ad naseum implementation of our daily, routine tasks necessary to stay ahead of the competition and the search engine gurus who try to defeat us every day.

After listening to the communications between our new hire and the rest of the staff, I found that I was learning new things by osmosis. This caused me to reflect on whether or not you could teach an old dog new tricks. In over 3 plus decades of my working life I have had to re-create myself and my knowledge base four times in very difficult and challenging industries. I landed in SEO world at That SEO Company here on my last try. What a challenge.

In SEO we are constantly learning new things every day, and I for one, lose sight of that fact. Thanks to being exposed to this new conversation and knowledge happening with our new hire, I have re-thought the statement, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

For me, this statement will be a thing of the past, and that is what I learned at That SEO Company this week.


Written By: Mark Gray